A revolutionary approach to an old technology: the sink

SinkTech is a revolutionary system that combines automation and cloud computing that forever changes the management of sinks in bars and restaurants.

Smart Sink Technology

Bar and restaurant managers have never been able to manage how sinks are maintained in the front or back of the house

There’s an automated, data-driven solution for washing glassware that’s faster, more efficient and more effective than anything that’s come before.

Water Compliance & Fines Labor Beverage QC Returned Drinks Soap Management

Low-Tech meets High-Tech

SinkTech is bringing innovation to the sink design, which is over 100 years old

Sinks are not "sexy" and they serve a function that is not glamorous. This does not mean that they shouldn’t be high-tech. With partners such as Intel and Ingram Micro, Sink Tech combines its innovations around the sink with the latest strategies around data, IoT, and the Cloud. Managers of bars and restaurants have a new tool to help increase compliance, reduce issues with dirty glasses and wares, and increase the customer experience.

Retain customers with clean glasses and great customer service

Asking bartenders and barkeeps to do both is causing challenges.

Health Code Compliance

To remain health code compliant, sinks need to be clean, have the right amount of soap and disinfectant, and keep the right temperature.

Eliminate Dirty Glasses

Dirty glasses not only create unhappy customers, but waste product. Eliminate the risk of low-quality drinks from dirty or poorly-rinsed glassware with washing and sanitizing stations that are automatically maintained and refilled.

Save Water and Support the Environment

With a data-driven solution, constant monitoring of water temperature and cleanliness is achieved. Sinks can be automatically drained and refilled when needed with as little waste as possible.

Save Soap

If water is wasted, so is soap and sanitizer, which cost more than you might realize. Plus, when sinks are automatically filled and drained, the right amount of soap and sanitizer is added. Too many people think that more soap increases cleanliness when instead, too much soap leads to spots and soap residue.

Enhance Customer Service

While bartenders are often responsible for managing the sink, ensuring that sinks have the right temperature and cleanliness is not always top of mind. They are compensated by tips and customer service gets more attention than compliance. Through automation, The SinkTech ONE™ reduces this common problem.

Save Beer

Studies have shown that dirty glasses reduce the appropriate amount of foam in beer from a draft pour. Because bartenders fill glasses to the top, the extra beer poured can cost tens of thousands of dollars in wasted beer by "over pouring". With SinkTech, glasses will be cleaner and bartenders won’t over pour.

Bring the next step in automated technology into your bar or restaurant

The three-compartment sink for washing and sanitizing glassware is required by law and is here to stay. The SinkTech ONE™ brings the latest in data-driven, automated technology to your three-compartment sinks with quick and easy installation and a system that beats glass washing machines on speed, cost and regulatory compliance.

Required By Law

The three-compartment sink is required by law for any establishment that serves food and beverages. The SinkTech ONE™ turns this low-tech staple into a self-monitoring, autonomous tool that lowers costs and significantly reduces staff hours required for washing glassware.

Fully Autonomous Sinks

  • With Manual Overrides to ensure 24/7 operability

Installs on Top of Your Sink

  • You already have the sink, now it's time to get smart!

Automated Commercial Dishwashers

  • Energy inefficient and water inefficient – especially with less than full loads
  • Dishwashers use thousands of gallons of water per week.
  • Dishwashers require too much soap
  • Dishwashers break down, and there is no way to use them when they go down

The future of the food service industry is Smart Bar

Data-driven, automated tools and services are revolutionizing the food service industry. The SinkTech ONE™ from SinkTech brings the revolution to the three-compartment sink.

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Who We Are

The SinkTech team is comprised of individuals with experience in high-technology, bar and restaurant ownership, management, intellectual property, and entrepreneurial growth.

Why We Created The SinkTech ONE™

Our founder, Declan Morgan, was tasked with the challenge posed by an Intel representative: "Find a problem in the bar that can be solved with technology". Declan realized that while there was technology present throughout all facets of the bar, nobody had paid attention to the sink, which is a critical component to any bar or restaurant. Dirty dishes and glasses are a health hazard and lead to a loss of customers.

The SinkTech ONE™ for bars is just the start. We envision solutions for the back kitchens and other parts of bars and restaurants. We intend to keep innovating in this important space.

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April 15, 2019

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